• 8th Degree Black Belt (Kyoshi)
  • Shihan
  • Founder/Owner
  • Master Instructor
  • Teaches Classes at Harbor & Placentia AMAA Facilities
  • Nationally Published Author
  • Success Coach

The founder of American Martial Arts Academy is Master Brad Wenneberg, a true Martial Artist. It was 1971 and Brad Wenneberg was nothing more than a curious teenager when his journey began.  There is no destination or end point to his journey and his sense of curiosity and wonder is as keen today as it was when he began his journey 45 years ago.

His journey into the depths of martial arts has made a profound difference in his life. His desire to “give back” and help others reach their full physical, mental and spiritual potential via martial arts training became a reality 25 years ago when he opened our flagship American Martial Arts Academy in Orange County.

Along the way, Master Brad Wenneberg has earned a 78h Degree Black Belt of Goju Shin-Ryu and has achieved high levels of proficiency in disciplines of martial arts besides Karate.  He holds the rank of Black Belt in Aikido, Shotokan, and an 8th Degree Black Belt in Goju Ryu, the foundation for Goju Shin-Ryu.

His lifelong pursuit of martial arts perfection has not gone unnoticed and in 2005, Shihan Wenneberg received the very high honor of being inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and becoming a State Representative for California.

Master Wenneberg takes great pleasure in watching his students improve their physical, mental and spiritual lives by applying the traditional core values of Martial Arts that we teach to their own lives.  He splits his time between our flagship AMAA training facility on Harbor and our newest Martial Arts Training Facility in Placentia.

AMAA is an active and supportive member of our community and here are some little known facts to help those who aren’t familiar with Shihan Wenneberg become better acquainted:

  • Married to Mrs. Shihan for 44 Wonderful Years
  • Father of Two Children (1 Boy & 1 Girl, Both Black Belts)
  • Retired Police Officer with two Commendations from City of Anaheim
  • Author of the women’s self-defense book titled “ALERT”
  • Author of motivational/reaching your potential book titled “Unleash Your Inner Warrior”
  • Founded Instructor/Business College in 1996 & Guided 600 Students to Their Next Highest Level
  • Loves Magic & Worked as a Magician at the Magic Castle in Hollywood