• 1st Degree Black Belt
  • Director of the After-School Martial Arts Program

Mrs. Bonnie Wenneberg is co-owner and the wife of AMAA’s founder, Shihan Brad Wenneberg. She has been an integral component of American Martial Arts Academy since its inception and brings her managerial skills, organizational and business acumen, child development knowledge and practical application, as well as her Black Belt training, to help run AMAA and to empower its students and families to be the BEST they can be. Mrs. Wenneberg is the Director of both AMAA’s first-rate After-school Martial Arts Program and the excellent Summer Fun Karate Camp. She is also very active with philanthropic endeavors in the community and is a Black Belt herself.

Mrs W. believes that every child needs safe space to learn & grow to maximize their potential, to have exciting new experiences where they know it’s okay to “fall forward”, to form friendships while becoming self-disciplined and resourceful. Mrs W loves working with children, and her encouragement and creative ways of helping students solve their challenges while training and learning at AMAA, make her a valuable part of AMAA’s team.