• 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Assistant Head Instructor

I was 14 when I started training martial arts at AMAA. I tried my hand at many sports and activities and hadn’t found my place in any of them until AMAA. My journey from white belt student to Black Belt instructor has been an unforgettable journey. The more I studied and trained in Martial Arts the more I became passionate about life. Every class, every rank, every challenge shaped me into the person that I am today. I was taught to never give up, to always push myself and to always enjoy the moment even when life throws —– at you.

Martial Arts taught me to reach beyond the limits I thought I had and threw me into a world of opportunity I never knew existed. The Academy taught me confidence, discipline and understanding in every aspect of my life. Becoming an instructor and staff member at the very place that shaped me into who I am today has been and still is the most rewarding experience. Working with people who are like family and who are passionate about what they do inspires me daily. I am and continue to be grateful for every wonderful opportunity AMAA and Martial Arts has presented me.

Everyday I look forward to being a leader and teacher in Martial Arts and hope to make a positive impact on others lives the way that AMMA has made an impact on mine.

In my free time I enjoy working on cars and expanding my knowledge of business marketing. I like to view everyday as a new opportunity to create positive change in whatever I decide to do.

Graduated – Brea Olinda High School 2010