5 Reasons Summer Camp is Great for Kids
kids summer camp fullerton

Summer camp gives children experiences and memories that have  life-long, positive benefits. By choosing summer camp for your kids, you are giving them the best opportunity to grow and develop skills and character traits that are hard to develop anywhere else. At the same time, summer camp gives you the peace of mind that your kid is taken care of and still learning valuable skills while out of sc… View Article

Placentia and Fullerton’s Summer Karate Camp

Remember those boring camps you were enrolled in as a kid? You’d piece together projects with glue or create some sort of science experiment you hoped your parents would be proud of. Maybe you made some good friends and fun memories – but what about lasting life skills? With our specially designed Summer Martial Arts Camp, we promise an experience that totally kicks ‘arts and crafts’ to the curb a… View Article

Personal Story: How Martial Arts Changed My Life ~ Sensei Jeremy
Sensei Jeremy

Whether you’re looking for karate programs, martial arts classes, or other defense training courses in Fullerton or Placentia, our family owned and operated facility has been serving individuals and families in Orange County for over 25 years, offering the very best martial arts training in our area. It doesn’t matter what age you are – if you want to start learning karate now or enroll your child… View Article

Why Join an After-School Program?

The Benefits of an After-School Program for kids. The advantages of after school exercises for children vary stupendously. From physical advantages to mental and social ones. Various studies and simple evidence from participating kids have revealed that urging children to participate in exercises after school would do a world of good for their personal growth.   THE BENEFITS INCLUDE: Enhancin… View Article

A Momentous Milestone!

The title of Sensei is a rare honor for any martial artist, let alone a female martial artist. Not a rank, a Sensei is a very special teaching title that requires years of teaching experience and expertise. On December 1, at our Annual Holiday Party, Shihan Wenneberg proud announced our newest Sensei, Mrs. Megan Joshi. Sensei Megan Joshi began her training with American Martial Arts Academy at age… View Article

Letter from Arman – 15 Year Old Black Belt
Placentia Competition 5-30-2015 1st cut (518 of 727)

“Through my experience at American Martial Arts Academy – Placentia, I have grown and learned so much that has benefited me time and time again. I started out at 11 years old in the middle of sixth grade; now I’m approaching sophomore year at age 15. This 3-year time has become an invaluable period of my life for many reasons. … “When I first came to AMAA’s Placentia Campus, I was treated with res… View Article

Why Parents are Saying No to Traditional Youth Sports & Yes to Kids Martial Arts

Children’s participation in Martial Arts has grown exponentially over the last 10-15 years in the U.S. and it has made a positive and long lasting impression on millions of children as well as their parents.  Once considered foreign, it’s now an accepted mainstream alternative to traditional youth team sports like baseball, football, basketball and soccer. No other traditional or non-traditio… View Article

The Natural Prescription Supplement for Kids with ADHD – Martial Arts

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, better known as ADHD, is one of the most widespread and potentially devastating disorders facing our children today.  The symptoms associated with ADHD are uncontrollable restlessness, a severe lack of focus, difficulty controlling behavior and extreme hyperactivity. Children with ADHD experience a greater degree of conflict in the home and at school… View Article


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